Glossary of Terms

Bronze Tint - Tint that appears brownish/amber in color

Dark Privacy Tint - Tint that appears black/dark/smoky in color

Diversity Antenna - An AM booster built into the back glass or quarter glass. If it’s in the front windshield, it will appear as a
thin metal line running vertically through the center of the windshield or as a thin metal line in a quarter glass and back glass.

Electro chromic Mirror - A rear view mirror that dims when you push a button. Also prevents glare from vehicle headlights
behind you.

Encapsulated Molding - Glass that has the molding manufactured together as one item. NOTE: All sliders included
encapsulated moldings and can only be sold as a whole slider assembly and cannot be separated.

Green Privacy Tint - Tint that appears green/mirrored.

Heads Up Display - A digital display that shows various pieces of information including speedometer readings, current
temperature and/or vehicle orientation (compass).

Heated - Glass that has a defroster built into it.

Lane Departure Warning - systems alert you if you are drifting out of your lane using visual, vibration or sound warnings.

Lift Gate - A back glass that is attached to the hatch. (Entire hatch lifts up with glass)

Light Sensor - A sensor that detects oncoming headlights and automatically switches high beams to low beams.

Molding - A rubber gasket that goes between the windshield and frame.

Overhead Console - A console located above the rear view mirror that stores miscellaneous items such as sunglasses.

Rain Sensor - A sensor that automatically adjusts the speed of the windshield wipers depending on the impact of rain.

Shade - Dark tint that is approximately 3"-4" deep from the top of the windshield.

Solar Coated - A coating on the entire windshield, usually dark blue or purple in color , that helps prevent sun glare.

olar Controlled - Glass that gets darker to cut down on glare from the sun and on-coming traffic .

Tempered Glass - Glass on a vehicle (excluding the windshield) that shatters into tiny little pieces instead of shards upon

Third Visor Frit - An etching on the center of a windshield (dot pattern) that looks just like a visor.

Tint - The hue of glass. The most common tint on a windshield is green.

Ultra Red Sensor/Infrared - A rain sensor that also senses any foreign objects within a certain distance from the vehicle
and displays a notification. If there is a red square around the rear view mirror, the windshield has Infrared. If the area is blue, the
windshield just has a plain Rain Sensor.

Windshield - Two pieces of glass surrounding plastic that prevent glass from shattering upon impact - a safety feature.